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Joint Address by Young Reformers Co-heads

Friday, 8th April 2011

Ged Yong

Gerald Yong, Young Reformers Co-head

Lim Zi Rui

Lim Zi Rui, Young Reformers Co-head

Young Reformers,

Our Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said that if Singaporeans want a “real insurance policy”, they should “help the People’s Action Party (PAP) make sure that we can bring in good people for the next generation”. But we wish to differ.

Rather than helping PAP get so-called good people, they should be choosing their leaders wisely by voting for the Parties that can truly serve them and represent them in Parliament. Regardless for PAP or Opposition.

Simply put, comparing two candidates,

  • Candidate 1: A local resident who is just like you a commoner, and ready to fight for the constituency, versus
  • Candidate 2: An elitist who does not even know how peak hours on public transport feel like, not to mention the pains we commoners are enduring.

Who do you choose?

The Parliament should be the representative of the people, and should comprise as many as possible from all walks of life. In our stand, there is no such thing called races. Except Singaporeans. A “Singaporean’s Singapore”.

Mr Teo noted that the Opposition has said it is not ready to form the Government, which is not the truth as The Reform Party has declared before that we can form the alternative government. Only the Worker’s Party has mentioned that they are not ready. I trust Singapore Democratic Party is ready to lead too if given the chance, as they have a Shadow Budget as a simple proof that the Opposition is a force to be reckoned with.

Buying insurance or not, I am sure the future lies in the very hands of all voters. The quality of citizens coming out and taking up the courage to contest is already admirable, because they care. In fact when you vote wisely, you are also a responsible citizen.

No politician in Singapore will campaign or have in their mind the slogan “Please vote for me, I promise to destroy Singapore!”.

Vote for policies, vote for democracy, vote for change. It’s your choice, your pick. Voting is secret.


Gerald Yong and Lim Zi Rui
The Young Reformers
The Reform Party