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The Reform Party’s Constituency Political Broadcast on 3 Jul 2020.

Q&A session with our GE2020 candidates for Ang Mo Kio, held on 3 Jul 2020.

Our candidate Charles Yeo delivering our Party Political Broadcast on 2 Jul 2020.

Q&A session on our manifesto promise of “Build Back Better, Fairer” and our Green Manifesto, held on 2 Jul 2020.

Listen to our Sec-Gen Kenneth Jeyaretnam talk about how our exclusion from the Mediacorp debate is just another example of how even more unfree and unfair an election held during this pandemic is. Despite the obstacles our team is engaging with residents on the ground and identifying many of the key issues particularly aging HDB estates. He also talks about the launch of our Green Manifesto as part of our campaign to “Build Back Better, Fairer” after the pandemic is over.

Our Sec-Gen Kenneth Jeyaretnam talks about Nomination Day, our excitement at being given the opportunity to present our manifesto “Build Back Better, Fairer” to the residents of Ang Mo Kio, Fake News, COVID and the even more uphill struggle than usual faced by the Opposition in this election.

Our Sec-Gen Kenneth Jeyaretnam speaks about GE2020 Nomination Day and wishes his colleagues in the other parties well.

A personal message of gratitude from Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Sec-Gen of The Reform Party, about GE2020. Watch this video to find out how you can help us!

Q & A session on our Manifesto for GE2020 “Build Back Better, Fairer” held on 28 Jun 2020.

Q&A session and video outreach held on 20 Jun 2020.