Announcement: Recruitment drive on Sat 2nd Apr 2011

Posted: 28th March 2011 By Admin

Alec Tok talking to a residentThe Reform Party will be having a membership recruitment drive this coming Saturday:

  • Date: Saturday, 02 Apr 2011
  • Time: 1:30pm to 4pm
  • Venue: RP office at 18A Smith Street (getting there)

If you support our message that Singapore needs change, and agree with the RP’s Election Manifesto, we sincerely invite you to become a member. Change has to start somewhere. Unless we are elected to Parliament there will be little pressure on the government to change its policies and adopt better ones. However to succeed, we need your help and the help of hundreds, if not thousands, of Singaporeans like you.

Get to know us

To become a part of this change, please join us on Saturday. It will be an informal session whereby you will also get to interact with some of the key Party members and prospective candidates who will gladly share with you their personal convictions and the reasons why they joined the Reform Party.

Volunteers are welcome

We also welcome any Singaporean who is keen to be a volunteer for the coming General Election. There are various positions available, some of which require residents specifically from the following constituencies:

  • Radin Mas SMC
  • Pioneer SMC
  • West Coast GRC
  • etc.

Please be assured that your personal details will be kept strictly confidential.

Come down, and invite your family and friends!

It would be great if you could inform us in advance if you decide to come. You can either:

  1. Click “attending” on our Facebook event page;
  2. Email enquiries [at] ;
  3. SMS to +65 9108 1059; or
  4. Contact us through the website.

Feel free to forward this invitation to friends, relatives and any people who think it’s time for Singapore to have change, whatever it takes!

We look forward to partnering with you. See you soon!

PS: New members who sign up on that day will be eligible to attend our party afterwards which promises to be a fun-filled occasion. So prospective members/volunteers, it would be great if you were free all the way till night time!

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Ridzuan on

I was disappointed to know that the DPS scheme in the CPF stops when you reach 60years old.As the govt acknowledges that we Singaporeans are leaving longer,than why stop at 60years old.We have been paying all these years.Instead of giving free TV and Radio l incenses to all including foreigners,they should have only given to Singapore citizens.After all many of us have been paying for years.Than with the rest paying, they could consider increasing the DPS for the elderly or some other benefits for the lower income group.I am glade that there are more choices in this election as I feel that there are many of the answers given are more to nation building than for the people, especially the younger generation and the elderly. Outsourcing was good for the nation but some companies have taken advantage as such with no minimum wage for locals ,many of us have to struggle to make ends meet.And when you are 60+ its even worst.What would a young at 27 know about this and think she can speak up for us.Well if she dose come in to me,don’t cry over spilled milk if nothing can be done.May be now is the time to have opposition voices in parliament.AS for the grassroots,I think they are not really addressing the core issues.To me they only seem too.Thank You and all the best.

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