The Reform Party

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Donate to Us

The Reform Party cannot rely on donations from big businesses or Trade Unions. We rely on donations from ordinary supporters who want us to succeed. A donation of $10, or whatever you want to give, would help. Under the law you must be a permissible donor which means that:

1. You must be over 21; and
2. You must be a Singapore citizen

You also need to provide your name and NRIC number because we are not allowed to accept anonymous donations in total in excess of $5,000 in any year.

All donors’ information will be kept confidential.

Ways to donate

  1. By inter-bank fund transfer:
    Go down to your bank branch or use internet banking to transfer funds to the following account:

    Account name: The Reform Party
    DBS Bank account no :  100-902777-0

  2. By cheque:
    Send us a cheque payable to: The Reform Party
    You can give the cheque to us in person or send it by mail to:

    The Reform Party
    18A Smith Street
    Singapore 058932

  3. By cash:
    Contact us or call +65 6534 9641 for arrangements.

4. By PayPal or credit card:
Please use the donation form on the right sidebar. You will be redirected to a Paypal page where you may process payment using an existing Paypal account, or by using a regular credit card.

If you require alternative arrangements, contract us or call our office at +65 6534 9641.

Donations can only be received from Singapore citizens above 21 years old and/or companies that are incorporated in Singapore and which carry on business mainly in Singapore and controlled by Singaporeans. Therefore, when making payment, please remember to provide the following information:

  • NRIC Number or Company Registration Number
  • Name on NRIC or company’s registered name
  • Address on NRIC or company’s registered address

All donors’ information will be kept confidential.

We at the Reform Party would like to thank all donors and supporters for your generosity and assistance.