The Reform Party

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Getting Involved

It is compulsory to vote in Singapore. Yet for many Singaporeans voting is a meaningless exercise because you are effectively disenfranchised.

This is due to the massively unequal playing field put in place by the ruling party. As a result, the Opposition has been unable to find sufficient candidates and financial resources to contest more than half of the constituencies. In 2006 the PAP were able to gain 37 seats on Nomination Day without having to contest them, because candidates could not be found to stand in these constituencies.

This is a travesty of how the democratic process is supposed to work, and for those of you living in those constituencies you might as well be living in North Korea or China, for all the ability you have to choose your representative.

We need you

Kenneth speaking to residents at a walkabout

Kenneth greeting residents during a walkabout.

So, if you support the Reform Party’s belief that Singaporeans can have both freedom AND prosperity, we need you to come forward and join the Party or become a volunteer and make a difference.

YOU are the ones we are waiting for. There is hope for a better future if we‘re brave enough to stand up and make things happen.

You can get involved as little or as much as you want. There are many ways in which you can support our cause. We always need volunteers to help us on our walkabouts and other party activities: there is room for every type of talent.

We particularly need volunteers who have abilities in the following fields:

  • dialects
  • photography
  • writing
  • videography and video editing
  • speechwriting
  • media handling

How can I get involved?

Outreach activities

We hold outreach activities a few times a week to keep in constant contact with residents on the ground. All are welcome to join in our walkabouts. More updates on our activities can be found on our Facebook page.