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Gathering Momentum.

Something has changed since my last door-to-door walkabout two months ago. Tonight there were fifteen of us, both candidates and volunteers, armed with newsletters and flyers, going about what has become a part of our lives – putting aside work worries, family commitments and leisure pursuits, to devote a little of our time to meeting … Read more

Walk with the Reform Party

We have a dream. A dream to protect our rights. A dream to build our nation. A dream to build our home. A dream to have a choice. A dream to build a better Singapore. A dream of an inclusive society. A dream of a transparent and accountable government. A Singapore we are proud of. … Read more

My Condolence Letter To PM Lee

Minimum Wage

Since I became leader of the Reform Party in April 2009 I have made the introduction of a minimum wage in Singapore one of our main policy pledges (see the link below for RP’s 19 main policy pledges): Why? Since 1998 the average incomes of the poorest 20% of households have fallen by around … Read more

RP wants to give Singaporean option to choose

1. What are the reasons for Reform Party’s interest in Hong Kah GRC as a battleground at the next general election? 2. How many walkabouts has Reform Party held in Hong Kah GRC? How would you describe the residents’ response, and why? 3. What are the local and national issues that Reform Party will focus on … Read more

RP's Response to PM's National Day Message

The Reform Party was disappointed with the PM’s speech. This was an opportunity for the PM to address some of the pressing issues facing this country and his failure to do so has demonstrated once again that our government is out of touch with the people.  Here is the Party’s view on some of these … Read more

Striving for Zero Death in the SAF

2001-2009 Review A review on the MINDEF website ( reveals that there were 35 deaths during the period 2001-09. The summary of Regulars and National Servicemen’s deaths from 2001-2009 is detailed in table below. See Annex for the details of the data compilation.  * Regulars refer to Officers or WOSEs. Analysis of the Past Data … Read more

A Short Note To An Old Friend

Dear Ivan (Heng), Thank you for the invitation to my wife and I to attend the Opening Ceremony of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games this evening. We know you will, in what we have come to expect of you, have done a fantastic job as Creative Director of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. We … Read more

Reflecting on the issue of the Weighting of Mother Tongue Language in PSLE

By Hazel Poa Koon Koon A few months ago, the Education Minister Ng Eng Hen revealed in an interview that the weighting of mother tongue language in PSLE could be reduced.  It provoked an instant and tremendous reaction.  Teachers, parents and working adults spoke up eloquently either for or against the change.  The newspapers were … Read more

Q & A With Jeisilan Sivalingam

Jeisilan Sivalingam is a Process Improvement Manager in a multinational company located in Singapore. He graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Management, specialising in Logistic and Supply Chain Management. He enjoys playing soccer and diving in his free time. Other than English and Tamil, Jeisilan can converse in simple Bahasa … Read more