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Perspectives of a Student

As the nation gears up for the upcoming elections, many more Singaporeans will be voicing out on the critical issues of today. As a fellow Singaporean I would like to take this chance to contribute to this helpful dialogue and voice out my views as a undergraduate, on the critical issues that I think many … Read more

A Case of the Tail Wagging the Dog or How the RP Has Already Changed Government Policy for the Better

Recently on Talking Point[1] I mentioned SM Goh’s comments on 22nd February in Marine Parade and how government policy had apparently been changed to reflect what the Reform Party had been saying since 2009. SM Goh talked about the need to rely on raising Singaporeans’ productivity and incomes rather than the import of cheap foreign … Read more

Why the Gazetting of TOC Should Be a Wake-Up Call

Reactions amongst citizens to the news of the gazetting of alternative online news site, The Online Citizen, have ranged from outrage to Schadenfreude to a mild shrug. As a liberal party and an advocate for democracy, The Reform Party believes in and champions freedom of speech and abhors these clampdowns. TOC recently held its fourth … Read more

Further tax burden to enhance our social safety nets

By Tony Tan In the recent Community Care Endowment Fund (ComCare) appreciation lunch on 2 Dec 2010, PM Lee spoke on the government’s approach to boost our social safety nets. PM Lee said that we should not create a handout mentality and impose a tax burden that would prove impossible to roll back. On the … Read more

Productivity – The Key to Sustainable, Long-term Economic Growth

by Jeisilan Sivalingam For the past 10 years, I have helped companies to streamline their operations; I reduce operating costs in companies by improving their efficiency and productivity. A leaner, more competitive company will be better equipped to attain higher profitability and growth. This is an ideal situation for all stakeholders – higher profits for … Read more