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Build Back Better, Fairer

Reform Party Demands That Ms Sim Ann Stop Using Our Campaign Slogan

Published: 4th July 2020

For Immediate Release

On 2 July Secretary General Kenneth Jeyaretnam thanked Law Minister Shanmugam for reading his Facebook page. He said “I already know he reads my social media and in particular my blog because otherwise how would the PAP get any workable solutions for improving the lives of ordinary Singaporeans.”


Now it has been conclusively demonstrated that the PAP is so old and tired and bereft of ideas that they cannot even come up with a campaign slogan. Ms Sim Ann, who is standing for re-election in Holland-Bukit Timah, shamelessly plagiarizes our campaign slogan in her Constituency Political Broadcast which went out tonight 4 July.


Starting at the 7.09 minute mark she pledges to “Build Back Better” after Covid. Reform Party launched its own Election Manifesto with the slogan “Build Back Better, Fairer” on 26 June. I refer to it in my response to Shanmugam on 2 July where I say “At this point in the election cycle the public want to know how our campaign is going and about our brilliant manifesto under “Build Back Better, Fairer


Despite paying themselves, and frequently their spouses, hundreds of millions of dollars in salary at Singaporeans’ expense every year the PAP have no ideas. Instead they are so lazy that they think they can get away with pinjaming our ideas and passing them off as their own. We consider her use of our slogan a breach of copyright and demand that she withdraw it.


Singaporeans should not be fooled. If they re-elect the PAP the only certainty is that they will build back the same but worse. In fact that is their real campaign slogan.


Kenneth Jeyaretnam

Secretary General