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Reform Party Announces New Appointments to CEC as Part of Ongoing GE2020 Review

Published: 5th August 2020

New Appointments

The Reform Party is pleased to announce the following new appointments as part of its process of preparing the next generation of leaders and renewing the ranks post GE2020.

Party Chair, Charles Yeo

Charles was volunteer leader during GE2020 and had volunteered himself with the AMK (GRC) team in GE2015. He has been on CEC since 2019.

Charles says, “I am hopeful about the future and pledge to do my best.” He is looking forward to supporting the Secretary General, to energising the membership and to encouraging more youth participation.

Treasurer, Mahaboob Baatsha

Mahaboob is an entrepreneur who has been on CEC since December 2017. As a business man he expects to competently manage the party’s finances in line with both external and internal regulation and looks forward to working with the other CEC office holders in advancing the party’s interests.

We thank Andy Zhu and Noraini Yunus, who are stepping down from the CEC, for their service.

Review Process

The Reform Party is in the process of conducting a review of GE2020. The purpose of the review is to identify opportunities for the party in the future, to identify weaknesses from the GE and to help the party strengthen its digital and online profile. It is expected to take several more months. We thank all of you who have contributed feedback so far.

Focus Groups for Manifesto

The Reform Party is also producing new manifestos by individual policy areas to complement the Green manifesto published during the GE. Currently Women and Education are at the focus group stage. Please do contact the party if you would like to join a focus group contributing to manifesto and do watch out for the surveys which will be posted on our social media pages.


(Note: All appointments to CEC are on an initial probation period and all CEC and office holders must stand for election at Party Conference. Please refer to the Party Constitution for more details


Charles Yeo
Acting Chair

Kenneth Jeyaretnam
Secretary General

For and on behalf of the CEC of the Reform Party