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General Election 2020

Published: 24th June 2020

23 June 2020


For Immediate Release


Reform Party is proud of its stable and dedicated team that has contested West Coast (GRC) in two previous elections in addition to Ang Mo Kio (GRC). We went to West Coast when no other Opposition party was brave enough to contest it and under very difficult circumstances.  At the next GE we again contested Ang Mo Kio (GRC) and added Radin Mas SMC to West Coast (GRC)


Our team feel a strong emotional connection to West Coast and have dedicated themselves to bringing democracy to Singaporeans there.  At the same time we were determined to take the fight to Lee Hsien Loong and not allow him a walkover in his 6- person fortress. Our dedication to Ang Mo Kio GRC, in this year’s boundary review produced a 5-person (GRC )and an (SMC). Ang Mo Kio is also very dear to us because of Cheng San. Radin Mas because of Anson.
Reform Party has consistently maintained that holding an election under current circumstances will entrench the already considerable advantage held by the incumbents. However, parliament has been dissolved and Reform Party must now contest in the most pragmatic manner.


We have been in long talks with Dr Tan Chen Bock and his  assistant SG Leong Mun Wai.  We believe the greater cause at this moment in time is Opposition unity and contesting where everyone has the greatest chance of winning seats.  We also recognise that Dr Tan has a tough fight on his hands despite it being his old stomping ground and we do not wish to hinder his progress. It is vital that there be no 3-corner fights this GE!


I will not reveal precise details of the negotiation with Dr Tan and his assistant here but PSP are contesting far fewer seats than originally anticipated and have offered to withdraw from various grounds they were originally eyeing, in return for Reform Party ceding West Coast (GRC).


We are pleased to accept their proposal with the exception of Yishun (GRC) which we will not contest.


Therefore in GE 2020 we will contest Ang Mo Kio (GRC) along with Yio Chu Kang (SMC) and Radin Mas (SMC). We have selected the areas we will contest based on moving aside for Dr Tan’s A team and secondly according to our probability of winning due to our familiarity with the ground and the familiarity of the residents with us. Dr Tan has national recognition, but we must go where we are known.

I do hope that all opposition supporters in Singapore will appreciate our decision and come forward to help us in those 3 areas where we are contesting.


We will be announcing an online press conference for Q&A shortly. Meanwhile please check our social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.


Kenneth Jeyaretnam


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